Reasons why you should consider dating a nudist

Deciding to wear only your cloth can sometimes get a bad rap. Nudists, who brand a lifestyle of living in the buff, are most times stigmatized as hippies, perverts, creeps or, even worse. But in the real sense, the nudist ideology is quite humble: Living contentedly in your body is the perfect way to live. In fact, going nude has incredible physical and psychological benefits and dating a nudist couldn’t be a better experience. Are you thinking of asking that your super sexy nudist neighbor out? Here is why you shouldn’t waste your time.

1. Expect the best night's sleep with your nudist partner. What is separating you from healthy hours of sweet zzz's? Your pajamas? Dating a nudist lover will inspire you to sleep in the buff which helps cool down your body — a crucial factor to deep sleep. Your body is amazingly good at regulating its own temperature. You hardly need a blanket.

2. He/she will make you look at sex from a totally different angle — and it's so amazing. Most times, non-nudists are only nude in front of their partner when it’s time for sex. But regularly staying nude with a partner (i.e. when you're not having sex) has quite lots of benefits, too. When you both sleep naked, the skin-to-skin contact has been medically proven to release oxytocin, (the feel-good hormone). In other words, staying in the buff with your partner makes you both feel more relaxed. Wouldn’t you want to experience this?

3. You’ll experience a more romantic relationship. Lots of nudists have proved that their romantic relationships improved when they started doing social activities in the buff (everything from water sliding to bowling). This is because they say being nude lets them approach their partner in a more open and honest way. Naturism is one of the best things that could happen to a relationship. When you and your partner are both nude around the yard and house, you’ll start appreciating the good-looking physical details about him/her. It gives you the chance to know your partner's body more intimately.

4 Nudity teaches you how to truly relax. All of that skin to skin contact with your partner, oxytocin-inducing, and restful sleep has one great benefit: stress release. Dating a nudist can give you a huge psychological release. Nothing feels better than having something consistent to fall back on: you get home, you both take the clothes off, you talk together and whatever was stressful that day will be left behind with the clothes.

5. You come to appreciate your partner’s body in an exclusively new, endowing way. Dating a nudist and hanging around naked also means allowing yourself the real freedom of feeling good about your body, no matter your look. Nakedness means being vulnerable, even if it's only around your partner. Research, however, reveal that being self-compassionate — and not too hard on ourselves — will offer us an overall healthier and less stressful relationship.

Nudists say that loving your partner’s nude is one great way to learn compassion. They understand that their partner is unique and different. So, why not date a nudist today and experience the joy of natural relationship?