Why fewer people are joining the nudist lifestyle

My name is John Marie Kruger, I am a wife and mother to a gorgeous girl and cute little boy. I am also a nudist, and will be using my personal experiences as a nudist to write blogposts about some nudist related topics. I will be writing today on why fewer people are getting in to the nudists lifestyle, and why it could be difficult for nudist singles to find partners.

Why fewer people are joining the nudist lifestyle

I guess I can say I have been a nudists for all thirty two years of my life. I had always not felt comfortable in cloths from way back as a kid. I love being nude and allowing the sun to pure its lush on me.

The nudist lifestyle is one in which we are encouraged to become one with nature by being as natural as possible. The most natural state of man is, is that in which he/she came in to the world – nude (naked). Hence the term nudist. However, due to socialization and its effects, nudists are increasingly being seen as people set aside from society.

One of the main reasons why the nudist population around the world keeps on dropping, is because of fear. Societal constructs and institutions make us to believe that we need to always stick to certain “standards”. The standard in this case, means to be properly clad or covered in cloth while in public. We are being taught as kids that it is wrong to walk among others naked. Some parents even encourage their kids of different sexes to not bath together or to not share a common bathroom. All of these societal and institutional constructs, which are further been upheld and enforced by some of our families, hinders us from even having an opportunity to choose whether or not we want to be nudist.

There is also a young breed of “nudists” now, who are giving the nudist community a bad name. These new generation of nudists do not go nude in the spirit of being a nudist. They rather go nude as way to show off their sexuality. They make the whole nudists lifestyle to come across as sexual. This is very polarizing from what being a nudists is truly is. We nudists, go nude to accept our place in the natural order of life and be free. Not to stare or do some sexual gestures towards ourselves or fellow nudists. The actions of these new generation of nudists, gives the nudists community a bad name, thereby discouraging a lot of people from joining the nudist lifestyle.


To begin with, my husband and I are both nudists. So “NO”, it is not difficult for single nudists to find partners within the nudist community. The challenge however comes in, when a nudist seeks a non-nudist partner. It could be a very unhappy experience, especially if the non-nudists partner is a “conservative” one too.

I remember a date I was went on with a non-nudist. Everything about the date went well, until I opened up to him, and told him I was a nudist. My date suddenly fell ill at ease, as though he’d been delivered some horrible news. I quickly read his change in countenance, and pushed him to tell me the reason for it. He revealed to me how he perceived nudist as a group of sex driven people who take part in multiple and indiscriminate sexual activities. It was my turn to get shocked….

It is this type of stereotypical and prejudicial approach from some members of society, which makes it difficult for single nudists, especially females, to find partners outside the nudist community.